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SandTray Therapy

Sometimes words are not enough or you simply can't find the right words.

Sandtray therapy allows you to express your thoughts, feelings and emotions using symbols and figures within the contained dimension of a sand tray. Supported by a skilled therapist, a client tells their story or reflects on their thoughts, struggles, concerns or feelings.  

Sandtray Therapy is a simple yet powerful and effective therapeutic tool that can be used with children, teens, and adults. It works well as it bypasses the thinking and language part of the brain to reach the 'feeling' part of the brain that does not always have words. Through the work in the tray, memories and emotions can be unlocked, providing answers that may not have been possible using words alone. ​As such, Sandtray Therapy is often used with people who have experienced trauma, abuse, or neglect.

Our therapists have specialist qualifications in Sandtray Therapy, and use this approach with children, teens, adults and families. If you’d like to learn more or try it out, please give us a call.

Sandtray 4.jpg
What to expect with Sandtray work 

Check out this brief video explaining why and how Sandtray works.It explains the exciting world of neuroscience, but in a simple way that makes it easy to understand just why this method of therapy works:

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